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    Provide real-time monitoring for Uniswap traders.




    We can search every ERC20 token transaction.You can use our tools to find out which token is newly listed in Uniswap.And get desktop notification reminders.



    We can monitor any function calls of any approved smart contract address.For example, when the scam on Uniswap removes the fund pool, it will call the Approval() function method of Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2), then we will monitor him and sell the token in advance.



    We can customize monitoring alarms according to the monitoring rules according to your needs, and support sending monitoring alarm notifications to mobile devices.



    We will provide a set of analysis tools.You can use us to analyze the data transmitted by the smart contract address.



    We will adapt the mobile terminal.You can easily operate on mobile devices.



    Please wait for more features.

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